Video: Chandran Nair on green (and) growth at OECD 50th anniversary
Chandran Nair explains that the real aim should be sustainable development that is fair and empowers the masses at OECD’s 50th anniversary.
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Up close & personal with Founder of Gift and author Chandran Nair
Asian countries need to abandon the goal of realising consumption-driven capitalism across Asia and replace it with the objective of having an environment that we can pass on to future generations - one with rainforests, biodiversity and adequate resources, both renewable and non-renewable. Chandran’s article for Malaysia’s The Star.
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Rethinking economic assumptions
Chandran tells Antony Funnell of Australian Broadcasting Corporation: the opportunity lies in reshaping the way we create prosperity and it is not an argument for keeping people poor. We need to reshape the way we access limited resources, create prosperity which is more equitable, and allow governments to also be more legitimate.
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RTHK Interview with Chandran Nair on Consumptionomics
Hong Kong's retail sales rose 28 percent in January to 37.6 billion dollars. That is a consecutive expansion in almost one and a half years. This shows consumers and mainland tourists are willing to spend. But what will this trend eventually lead to? Bryan Curtis asks Chandran at RTHK’s Back Chat.
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‘Consumptionomics’: can capitalists and environmentalists co-exist?
Since the industrial revolution, innovation has focused on increasing productivity per unit of labour, rather than per unit of resources. Replacing income tax with taxes on natural resources encourages business to work out how to do more with less. Chandran and Richard Harris, Citywire.
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Video: Nair Says Future Bleak If Car Is Treated as Human Right
Chandran talks about the implications of China and India following the consumption-led economic policies of the most industrialized nations. He warns the world faces the risk of an environmental and political catastrophe unless it finds a new growth model. He speaks with Andrea Catherwood on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."
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