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For many years consumption-led economic growth has been the accepted model that drives global capitalism. At we ask should Asia continue to follow the same path?

We believe this model fails to address the needs of the majority of the planet’s  population and poorest region – Asia.  Supported by the author of Consumptionomics: Asia’s role in reshaping capitalism and saving the planet, Chandran Nair, this website seeks to ask tough questions and de-mystify the rose-tinted -consumption view of the world. This site isn’t about activism or environmentalism, it’s about providing an Asian perspective on the impact that mainstream economic growth models will have on Asia in the 21st Century and beyond for its society, economy and environment. has been developed by the team at the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT). It serves as an online hub of thinking and dialogue around the impact of consumption in Asia. It includes the most up to date and hard-hitting consumption related opinions, studies, discussions and debates. We aim to use this material and content to provide a platform for policy makers, business leaders and individuals to rewrite the rules that have dominated global economic development since the 19th Century.


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