Rewriting the Rules

'Fireside Chat' with Chandran Nair Sets Tone for ASEAN 100
Chandran raises questions at the Asean 100 Leadership Forum about the consumption driven global economy.
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Game over for Western capitalism
Chandran points out that capitalism has essentially hit a wall and a very different conversation needs to take place. This article is part of a collection headlined Has Western capitalism failed? – was first published on the BBC News website.
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Audio: The BBC asks Chandran Nair on whether Western Capitalism has Failed
Chandran tells Lesley Curwen at the BBC that the extreme form of capitalism that has permeated the world is in deep trouble.
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Video: Chandran Nair Interview with Ulrike Reinhard at Salzburg Trilogue
During an interview with Ulrike Reinhard at Salzburg Trilogue, Chandran points out that we need an honest discussion on constraining resources.
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Video: Chandran Nair at the 2011 World Economic Forum in Dalian
Chandran takes part in the World Economic Forum: Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011 in Dalian as a panelist at the session of New Frontiers of Consumption.
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Video: BBC HARDTalk with Chandran Nair and Raghuram Rajan
BBC HARDTalk with Chandran Nair, founder of the Global Institute for Tomorrow, and Raghuram Rajan, former IMF economist and now an economic adviser to the Indian prime minister. Growth is good - this is a basic economic assumption shared around the world. What would happen if the world's two upcoming economic giants, China and India, to grow till they reach the American level of consumption? Will free market make or break Asia?
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How to Accommodate 9 Billion and Save the Environment
In an Op-Ed for Yale Global Online Magazine, Chandran points out that Asia cannot afford to mimic the American lifestyle and would be wise to ignore western encouragement for greater consumption in pursuit of economic growth.
Aug 30, 2011 - Comments (1)

Video: The Foreign Correspondents' Club Luncheon with Chandran Nair
At a luncheon talk at the Foreign Correspondents' Club, Chandran argues that economic policy needs to be realigned to avoid catastrophic outcomes arising from the relentless promotion of a consumption-led growth model in the world's most populous regions, at a time when resource constraints are too obvious to deny. He calls for bans on some forms of consumption, resources to be re-priced and for the state to play the all important role.
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Video: Chandran Nair: WEF should focus on sustainability
Chandran's interview with CCTV: The World Economic Forum shoud focus on sustainability instead of explosive growth.
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Chandran Nair LIVE on BBC HARDtalk Thursday 18th August 2011
Air Time: BBC World – Thursday 18th August 0330 GMT BBC UK Channel - Friday 19th August 0030 GMT+1
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