Rewriting the Rules

iToys won’t fix Asia’s broken growth model
Chandran’s Op-Ed for the Financial Times: Asian leaders face fast-rising inflation, strong currencies and unwanted influxes of capital. But behind these they face a more profound choice. Either they pursue the consumption-fuelled capitalism that has driven world growth in recent decades, or they can take a deep breath, change direction and find a sustainable new path.
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RTHK Interview with Chandran Nair on Consumptionomics
Hong Kong's retail sales rose 28 percent in January to 37.6 billion dollars. That is a consecutive expansion in almost one and a half years. This shows consumers and mainland tourists are willing to spend. But what will this trend eventually lead to? Bryan Curtis asks Chandran at RTHK’s Back Chat.
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Living within limits
Chandran’s Op-Ed featuring in the South China Morning Post. Asia must reject consumption-led growth and start putting constraints on the use of its resources.
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‘Consumptionomics’: can capitalists and environmentalists co-exist?
Since the industrial revolution, innovation has focused on increasing productivity per unit of labour, rather than per unit of resources. Replacing income tax with taxes on natural resources encourages business to work out how to do more with less. Chandran and Richard Harris, Citywire.
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Video: Nair Says Future Bleak If Car Is Treated as Human Right
Chandran talks about the implications of China and India following the consumption-led economic policies of the most industrialized nations. He warns the world faces the risk of an environmental and political catastrophe unless it finds a new growth model. He speaks with Andrea Catherwood on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."
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Chandran Nair on Consumption
Asia must not follow the consumption-based growth model of the West and should instead impose limits on the rampant exploitation of the Earth’s resources. Chandran’s Op-Ed for The Banker’s Special Issue: Davos.
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It is time for Asia to rewrite the rules of capitalism
The 20th century's triumph of consumption-based capitalism has created the crisis of the 21st century: looming catastrophic climate change, massive environmental damage and significant depletion of natural resources. Asia is now at the heart of it. Article by Chandran in the Financial Times.
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