Book Reviews

Book review by Brian Walker, NZ
Business pages don’t often carry articles about the need to forsake the growth model. I was somewhat startled to come across one prominent in the NZ Herald business supplement last week.
May 01, 2012 - Comments (0)

《明報》書評:消費主義 亞洲經濟發展的深層矛盾
Jul 27, 2011 - Comments (0)

Review by Asia Times: Asia rolling headlong to disaster
Capitalism can be adapted to address these problems, it can be compatible with a more assertive state, and it can still harness the entrepreneurial passions that drive economic and political innovations forward.
Jul 02, 2011 - Comments (0)

Review by Mother nature of father greed
Unless Asia chooses local development rather than urbanization, the mother earth will be at the mercy of father greed, argues Nair. Overtly provocative, the strength of the book lies in it helping readers ask the ‘right questions’.
Jun 30, 2011 - Comments (0)

Review by China Daily: Heed perils of growth led by consumption, writer warns
Many Asians are too shy to express their opinions, in the wake of nearly 200 years of colonial intellectual subservience.
Jun 24, 2011 - Comments (0)

Review by Capital Business Magazine: Western style capitalism is business as unusual in Asia
An alternative to Western consumption-fuelled capitalism is mandatory, for if left unchecked in its present trajectory human and economic development will encounter all sorts of havoc.
Jun 20, 2011 - Comments (0)

Review by The Edge Financial Daily: Revaluing resources
If we evaluate the impact of rapid consumption on the economy, we will realise it has contributed to the continuous hiking of prices, accelerated demand and depletion in supply.
Jun 10, 2011 - Comments (0)

Review by The Economic Times: On constrained capitalism
The assumption of limitless resources, which formed the basis of the western economic model, can hardly be applied in our context.
May 28, 2011 - Comments (0)

Consumptionomics review by Hazel Henderson
Nair tackles all the stultifying dogmas of market fundamentalism and shows how the West’s peddling of its Washington Consensus policies over the developing world has resulted in a form of globalization that is unsustainable and will lead to further disasters beyond the financial, social and ecological crises it has unleashed.
Mar 31, 2011 - Comments (0)

Review by The Guardian: How the West Was Lost by Dambisa Moyo and Consumptionomics by Chandran Nair
The kind of growth that propelled the west to global dominance can only lead to ecological and political crises if repeated in Asia.
Feb 26, 2011 - Comments (0)