Consumptionomics: Chinese edition

Apr 26, 2012

HONG KONG, April 25 2012 - Two leading Chinese officials have backed a call for the world to scale back consumption or face a bleak future.
Endorsing the Chinese translation of Consumptionomics, the ground-breaking book by Chandran Nair, Sinopec Chairman Fu Chengyu and Xie Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission of China, write that if Asians were to achieve consumption levels taken for granted in the West, the result would be worldwide environmental devastation.

Consumptionomics has highlighted that for China the inevitable choice of scientific development is required to accelerate the transformation of economic progress; to combine economic development with the objectives of poverty eradication, improving livelihoods, energy saving, environmental protection and addressing climate change; so as to build a resource-efficient, environmentally-friendly society.”– Xie Zhenhua

“Needless to say, Asia plays an increasingly important role in lifting the global economy out of a deep recession and driving growth. However, the global challenges in population, resources and environment mean that Asia cannot go down the Western development path, especially not at the cost of resources and the environment. Mr. Nair’s new book suggests that Asian countries place resource limits at the centre of policy making, which is in line with a resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly society put forward by the Chinese Government’s 12th five-year plan. This book is therefore valuable to both public and private sectors, business circles and academia.”– Fu Chengyu

The Chinese version also includes a new foreword by Sir Crispin Tickell, Director of the Policy Foresight Programme at the University of Oxford and Chairman Emeritus of the Climate Institute in Washington DC. He was also a member of the China Development Council for many years.

One of China's foremost finance and business media groups, Caixin Media, has partnered with Citic Press Corporation to make the book available in Chinese. Caixin Media is dedicated to providing financial and business news through periodicals, online content, books and conferences and describes itself as one of China's most independent and outspoken news outlets.

The Chinese version is available from amazon and for more information in Chinese visit Ciaxin Media. Published in January 2011, the English version is available from amazon and major outlets in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and throughout Europe and the United States. It has been translated into German and will be available in Japanese and Bahasa later this year. For related articles, interviews and reviews please visit the book’s new website

For media enquiries contact Tingting Peng at or telephone +852 3571 8156
Consumptionomics: Asia’s Role in Reshaping Capitalism and Saving the Planet
Published by China Citic Press
Release date: 25 April 2012

ISBN: 978-7- 5086-2999-5
Available in all major book stores in China. 

钱德兰·奈尔是一位国际上享有盛誉的演讲者、作家以及有关全球化和亚洲发展问题的专家。他是香港全球未来研究所(Global Institute For Tomorrow, GIFT)的创始人和总裁。全球未来研究所是一所独立的亚洲社会企业智库,致力于致力于营造一个立足亚洲、放眼世界,积极健康、公平开放的国际性对话平台;联合公共政策领域、商业与社会的推动性力量,努力将思想转化为行动;拓展青年才俊的国际视野与领导能力,培养新一代领袖,以帮助亚洲更好地应对经济全球化和复杂多变的国际局势带来的机遇和挑战。自2004年以来,在奈尔先生的领导下,全球未来研究所已成为注重实践学习的领导力提升项目的前沿机构,为公共领域、商业公司以及学术团体提供服务。2008年,奈尔先生共同创立了爱维稳特——一家专注于培养亚洲社会企业行业的顾问公司。2010年12月,《亚洲的未来》一书的英文版面世。Globalist杂志和Richard Dawkins基金会都将《亚洲的未来》列为他们2011年度的最佳书籍之一。经济政策讨论平台比如大连世界经济论坛、中欧工商管理学院MBA论坛以及亚太经合组织CEO峰会都邀请奈尔先生出席并致辞。同时奈尔先生也为《中欧商业评论》杂志撰写专栏。《亚洲的未来》一书的英文版全球有售,现已被翻译成德语和中文,并即将被翻译成日文和印度尼西亚语。
更多信息请联系侯先生(,或致电+852 - 3571 8124.
ISBN: 978-7-5086-2999-5

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